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Julie Evans


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Welcome! My name is Julie Evans, and I am a licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of Tennessee (License #1134). I am currently practicing individual, couples, and family therapy in the context of telemedicine. With over a decade of experience, it has been my privilege to work with diverse clients across the lifespan in various treatment settings. My background is comprised of outpatient mental health services, psychiatric residential treatment facilities for children and adolescents, and in-home based community mental health services.


My specialities include marital conflict, trauma, attachment, anxiety, depression, family crisis and transitions, grief and loss, eating disorders, women's issues, LGBTQ related issues, codependency, and narcissistic abuse recovery.


Regardless of what brings you to therapy, you have inherent worth and value. I want you to feel safe, understood, and affirmed in the space we share together, and please know that ALL parts of you are welcome here. I mean this wholeheartedly- it is truly my honor to be your guide on this transformational journey of growth, healing, and liberation in both mind, body, heart, and spirit. In the beautiful and brilliant words of author Glennon Doyle, you can do hard things!


Please feel free to explore more of my website in order to learn about my style in working with individuals, couples, and families. 


In my spare time, I love soaking in family time with my husband, our three daughters and son, and our two dogs. I enjoy  being outdoors, cooking and baking (sweets and sourdough bread), crafting, movement, yoga, gardening, traveling, and meditation, as well as reading, learning, and listening to podcasts. Coffee, peanut butter, fresh flowers, and chocolate are personal favorites, too. I am currently learning American Sign Language, and it's been a beautiful and enlightening experience!


Individual, Pre-marital, Couples, and Family Therapy

Individual Therapy

Sometimes the “problems” we bring into treatment…are not problems after all. With self-compassion, curiosity, and courage, “problems” can be transformative. They can be important messages of awareness from the truest, wisest, and most beautiful version of ourselves to help heal wounds. Whatever your background is, whatever your story is, I want to provide a safe and serene space for you to feel human in your experiences. You do not need to be alone with your pain, and you will not be alone in your healing.

The essence of who we are derives from our roots, and therefore, exploring family of origin and childhood dynamics can be beneficial for individual healing. We dig deep and explore the roots you had no control over, those in which have controlled you, and we discover new seeds that may nourish and serve your highest good. As we grow and evolve in this lifetime, what once helped us survive in the past may be the very thing that keeps us stuck and imprisoned in the present. Add to the equation life and its many surprises, we may struggle with feeling anxious, depressed, powerless, hopeless, guilty, shameful, resentful, angry, and/or confused.


As we mindfully and intentionally make sense of the past in order to live wholly in the present, the love and light at the center of your being will blossom. You will feel more easily able to connect with yourself and the ones you love. It is possible to leave what kept you safe in the past behind in order to step foot into living your healthiest, most authentic, and most fulfilling life.

Dependent upon a client's needs, different treatment modalities will be used in session, which may include:

Emotion Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT)

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

Structural Family Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)


Somatic Experiencing 

Polyvagal Theory

Narrative Therapy

Play Therapy

​Experiential Therapy



Couples and Family Therapy

The treatment modality I use when working with couples and families is Emotion Focused Therapy. In working with many different couples and families for over thirteen years, I have found this model to be the most effective.


Here is a bit about the model itself:

Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) is an evidence-based treatment modality with over twenty years of research demonstrating its long term effectiveness. After EFT therapy, approximately 70-75% of couples transition from a state of distress to recovery, and 90% of couples have demonstrated significant improvement. EFT emphasizes how we are all hardwired for connection; with ourself, our partners, and those we love. Furthermore, it has been scientifically proven that maintaining a secure connection with loved ones impacts our mental and physiological well-being. Strong and secure bonds are created in EFT by understanding and altering negative interactional patterns. Primary emotional experiences, rooted in attachment, serve as our guide in discovering what keeps intimate and familial relationships stuck. A healthy path is paved to reduce distress, enhance communication and connection, and to heal relational wounds after crisis (including, but not limited to, an affair). Emotional repairs can be healing on both an individual and relational level. This transformative process allows trust, love, and intimacy to flourish once secure connections are either formed or restored.

First Session

First Session

I am currently offering online sessions only through the HIPAA compliant service, SimplePractice. When you schedule your initial intake session, you will receive a link to SimplePractice and will complete your intake paperwork prior to our first session together. At the time of our initial assessment, we will review the intake documents, and I will happily answer any questions and/or concerns you may have. We will also explore what brings you to therapy and what you hope to gain from participating in either individual, family, or couples therapy.


I am committed to offering the highest quality of therapeutic services. Payment for services is expected at the time of service. An initial 60 minute diagnostic session is $210.00. Additional appointments thereafter are $180.00 for a 50 minute individual therapy session, $190 for a 50 minute couples or family therapy session, $130 for a 30 minute psychotherapy crisis session, and $200 for a 60 minute psychotherapy crisis session. I also offer phone consults. A 15 minute phone consult is $80.00 and a 30 minute phone consult is $160.00. The only form of payment accepted is credit card. Prior to an initial intake session, clients enter their credit card information into their secure SimplePractice client portal. SimplePractice collects and stores credit card information for the initial session, as well as for future sessions. Your credit card will not be charged until a session is complete.


Should you have any difficulty paying these fees, please notify me, and we can discuss a sliding scale. I never want finances to be the barrier as to why a client is unable to seek out therapeutic help and support.


I do not accept insurance. I am able to provide Superbills through SimplePractice that include both my EIN and NPI number. You can submit a Superbill directly to your insurance company, however, I cannot guarantee that your insurance company will provide reimbursement.


Additional fees may be incurred during the course of treatment for paperwork, including FMLA paperwork, disability paperwork, school forms, etc. These fees vary dependent upon the extent of paperwork. I do not testify in court unless required by a court order. Court appearances are billed at $750 an hour. Travel time, court related calls, and documentation in preparation for court are billed at $500.00 an hour.

Please click the link below if you are interested in scheduling an appointment.

 First Session Details 

 Telemental Health Services 

Telemental Health Services


Telemental health is a subset of telehealth services that uses online, interactive videoconference software to provide mental health services at a distance. Telemental health includes terms such as telepsychology, telebehavioral health, online counseling, and distance counseling. Telemental health does not include the use of fax, audio-only telephone, e-mail, FaceTime or Skype.


- Client to upload valid driver's license prior to intake session through SimplePractice.

- Client must disclose the physical address of their location at the start of the session. Unknown and/or unspecified locations will result in termination of the session. 

- Mac/PC/Chromebook, smart phone, or tablet with camera, microphone, and speakers. 

- Internet connection with at least 750kb/s download and upload speeds. 

- Access to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (latest release versions) web browsers. 

- Proper lighting and seating to ensure a clear image of each party’s face. 

- Dress and environment appropriate to an in-office visit. 

- Engage in sessions in a private location where you cannot be heard by others. 

- Only agreed upon participants will be present; the presence of individuals unapproved by both parties will be cause for termination of the session. 

- Client shall provide a phone number where they can be reached in the event of service disruption. 

- Should there be a technological difficulty and the video and/or audio features malfunction during a session, client and therapist will make one attempt to restart their video and audio connection through SimplePractice. Should this second attempt still be unsuccessful, client and therapist will complete their session by phone. Therapist will call client on the number given at the beginning of session. 

- Client understands that phone calls from client to therapist are not protected under HIPAA.

Telemental Health Services

Contact Julie

If you are interested in a free ten minute consultation and/or scheduling an initial appointment, please feel free to e-mail or call me at:


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